Question: Could you help us put a price on a 1967 Raodrunner 2-door, auto, perfect 383, excellant body and paint. Interior needs work. What’s it worth and is anybody interested? It’s in Montana. You can drive it out of the sate real fast!! No, not really, you’d probably want to trailer it..
Thanks for your help.

Answer: I’m always interested in buying cars that were never built. If it’s a Road Runner, it is not a ‘67, if it’s a ‘67 it’s not a Road Runner. Very hard to say, considering that Plymouth didn’t make the first RoadRunner until 1968.Don’t remember where I saw it, but there was a 67 RoadRunner. But it was not sold in the US. Don’t remember where, but it was in the latest Year One newsletter.
I really doubt that this is one of them though.

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