Question: my 97 fordf 150 makes a noise after engine is turned off . sounds like a vacuum leak , or like the water pump is boiling. I was told by the ford repair man , that the noise is normal . I am not sure if this is normal or not . I have asked around and no one has ever hear of this. this happens with the a/c on or off . hope someone can help me.

Seems like you have a loose hose somewhere within the works. My boss had a loosened hose coming from his water pump in his 90 Crown Vic with a 351. Check your fluids, because he was losing water from his radiator quite quickly
I would check the coolant level, my F-150 was low on coolant once and it would sit there and make a gurgling noise and a hissing noise out from the thermostat housing. Whatever it is, it doesn’t really sound normal. Just my two cents!

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