anyone know of a site,that shows pics or diagrams of f150 ford truck brake booster.i have a 1978 ford f150 truck,with a brake booster,that did not come with it .now its bad and i have to find one just like it in order fo it to work


Try a manual… Chiltons, Haynes, etc. all available at your local auto parts store or library. The brake booster on my 81 F150 is mounted in the firewall in the engine compartment.  It is black ‘pancake’ type thing.  Around 12″ in diameter, and 6″ thick.  The Mater Cylinder is bolted into it.  I suspect the 78 is the same.

When I replaced mine, there was brake fluid in it, so I also needed to replace the master cylinder.

The piece you have should have a part number on it.  R U asking about just the vacuum assist piece or the combo of vacuum assist/master cylinder?  The combo unit can be purchased and is the best ‘way to go’ in most cases.  I am ‘on’ my 3rd combo unit with my ‘81 F100.  What has happened to each of the preceeding units was, the vacuum units’ seals
began leaking which in turn caused the seal in the mc to ‘go bad’(brake fluid leaking down the firewall).  The replacement combo unit costs about $80(rebuilt).  I’d just bring what you’ve got now into your local parts store and match it.  I believe there are only a few available for the match.

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