Is the 396 big-block that was offered in 1969 (Camaro SS 396/375)the same 425 hpmotor that was offered in the Corvette from ‘65 on ?  I’ve heard that it’s the identical motor with different published horsepower ratings for insurance purposes.  The specs on the Camaro SS motor are: 4-bolt mains, steel crankshaft, solid cam (I don’t know the profile)
square-port heads, aluminum dual-plane intake & 850 cfm Holley carburator.  ALL STOCK.  Can anyone provide the specs on the ‘vette motor of the same year?


The 396 was used only one year in the Corvette (65), but you are correct in the assumption that the motors are rated at different HP ratings in different chassis.  The highest hp rating on any 396 in 69 was 375, but the only probable difference between the 69 396/375 Chevelle engine, and the  65 396/425 Corvette engine was the cam.  I can check the part #’s tonight to be sure, but I believe they used the same cam. It’s the same engine as the 65 425 HP Corvette mill.  Only difference was the exhaust system.  BTW, in 69 you could order optional chambered exhaust on the Camaro.  In 65 the 375 HP Chevell engine had hydraulic lifters.  The 66 Corvette had a 427 425 HP engine.   The ‘69 SS396 Camaro (option RPOZ35) was a 325 horse engine at4800 RPMs, not 375. It had 10.25:1 compression and Hydraulic lifters,
As for the Corvette, it NEVER got a 396. Sorry, only 327, 350, 454, and 427 engines in ‘Vettes!!! Camero had a 375hp 396, same as the Nova.  My wife bought a 375hp Nova brand new. The Corvette 396 425hp was a single year, 1965, as a
transition from the 375hp 327 fuelie during that year. No 427 that year. I made the same mistake.  I was sure the Vette never had a 396, but it did.  One year, and they’re really rare and pricey.  There were a couple at Carlisle this year. I have a good one for y’all:

I have a ‘70 Monte Carlo that was originally equipped with a 402 High Performance engine.  According to the documentation, it was a high-compression engine w/ a 4 bbl – a 396 punched out to 402. It was a 330 HP motor and listed in the sales literature as the “402 CID 400″ (as opposed to the 400 CID 400, which was a small block).  Why is this one rated at 330 HP but the same engine in a Chevelle was 350 HP? Or was it?  The Monte was marketed to “older buyers who wanted more luxury”, would a larger HP rating scare them away?  Someone was kind enough to remove the afore- mentioned 402 and replace it with an anemic smog SBC 350. It does still have the original Muncie trans and 12 bolt rear, which makes it fun even though the 350 is a dog.

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