I’ve got a 69 Camaro with 8″ Corvette ralleys and I think 245-60-15 tires all around. The front tires rub real bad and will need to be changed to 7″ rims but what about the back ones. I’ve seen a lot of vette ralleys on the back of Camaros but I never noticed the tire size. What are the best tire/wheel combo sizes for a stock car? Also I tried to put a HEI distributor in this car but it was too tight of a clearance at the firewall. Do I have to bump the firewall to gain clearance? I just happen to have a HEI around anyway and was thinking about a fuel injection swap. Minor problems but I need the HEI for the fuel injection. Thanks…..


I’ve got a 68 camaro with 15×7 on the front with 235/60R15 and 15×9 on the rear with 295/50R15.  I only have a problem with the front when I hit a really big dip in the road, and I do mean really big.  They don’t rub at all when I turn.  As for the rear, well I’ve already replace one tire with only about 10 miles on it and a brand new paint job ruined.  But I put air shocks, new multi leaf springs and I’m installing new bumper snubers on the axle so that the tires can’t hit
the fender.  I never had a problem under normal driving.  I don’t have a sway bar in the rear so when I pulled into a driveway at an angle the rear end would flex and the tires would rub.  The snubers should take care of that problem.  It also looks cool with wide tires on it.

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