Does anybody know for a fact that all 1969 Z28 Camaros had X33, or X77 on the Trim Tag. Can it be possible that the trim tag would reflect a car being a Z28? Look through all my restoration books and they all indicate that a Z28 has either X33, or X77 on the tag.

If a car doesn’t have X33, or X77 on the tag and the cars being sold as a Z28 isn’t that considered Product Fraud??? Any lawyers out there that would like to comment on this issue.


Thomas, not all Z28’s had X codes. The X codes were started mid year at the Norwood plant. Los Angeles cars do not have X codes at all. Early Norwood cars have a different size trim plate, and no X codes. As far as after Norwood started using X codes, I do not know if ALL cars actually received the codes or not. There appears to be some discrepancy in the trim plate coding. (For example: D80 is the code for front and rear spoilers, and not all cars receiving the spoilers had the D80 code on the trim plate. I feel that it would be hard to make a fraud case stick, as there are many oter ways to tell a true Z28, such as No A/C, 4 speed, 302DZ block, etc,etc……I think after 30 years, this would fall under the heading of “let the buyer beware” . Which means before ya buy a “Z28″ do some research. But the X code in my opinion, is NOT the gospel, as noted above.

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